We see many patients with lower backpain (LBP) in our Sioux Falls, SD clinic. You may be dealing with it yourself. Perhaps you have sought standard medical advice and received less than good results, or even skipped treatment altogether and are still living with the pain. Kinesio Care Center would like to share 10 common backpain myths as provided to us by our friends at ChiroUp.

  • Myth: LBP is a serious medical condition. Fortunately, lower back pain is typically not life-threatening and is usually treatable.
  • Myth: LBP will become persistent later in life. We find most LBP episodes improve with proper care, and do not worsen with age.
  • Myth: Persistent LBP is always related to tissue damage. Actually, negativity, fear avoidance, low expectations for recovery and poor pain coping skills are more likely to be the cause of persistent LBP than tissue damage is.
  • Myth: You’ll need a scan, such as an MRI or Xray, to determine the cause of your backpain. Scans are not reliable at pinpointing the source of LBP, neither do they predict future episodes nor improve outcomes.
  • Myth: Experiencing LBP while moving or exercising signifies damage to the spine is occurring and should be stopped or modified. On the contrary, gentle exercise and movement in all directions is good for the spine.
  • Myth: Poor posture is the main cause of LBP. While proper posture has its benefits, it does not predict LBP or the persistence of it.
  • Myth: Weak core muscles result in LBP, and improving one’s core protects against future LBP. The fact is, a weak core does not cause LBP. However, keeping the core tensed may an issue. A strong trunk is good, but muscles should be relaxed when not needed.
  • Myth: Repeated spinal loading results in ‘wear and tear’ and tissue damage. Not so; spine loading and movement is safe and builds structural resilience when it is graded.
  • Pain flair-ups signify soft tissue damage and require rest. It turns out that pain flare-ups are related more to changes in activity, stress and mood than to structural damage.
  • Strong medications, injections and surgery are effective and necessary to treat LBP. This is false! Affordable, safe and effective LBP care includes patient-centered education that fosters a positive mindset and coaching that encourages patients to optimize their physical and mental health.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to lower backpain and look and feel your best, contact Kinesio Care Center today!