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Permanent Pain Relief with Graston Technique

Dr. Collin DeWitt has undergone extensive training and is certified to use Graston Technique® instruments in our Sioux Falls clinic. Whether from an injury, chronic condition, or surgery, if you are suffering with soft tissue pain, Graston Technique® may provide you with permanent relief. We have had measurable success in treating issues that were once deemed chronic or permanent.

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Pain & The Kinetic Chain

The body’s kinetic chain is a system of overlapping segments which are connected via a pin joint. Moving one joint may affect another joint in the same chain. As a result, your body may present discomfort in one area, yet require treatment in another area in order for your pain to be reduced or eliminated. For example, shoulder issues may actually be caused by problems in the hip flexors and abdomen, so we’ll treat those areas as well.

Using the Graston Technique® Throughout the Kinetic Chain

Graston Technique® utilizes 6 main stainless steel tools, which are either concave and convex-shaped with rounded edges. We use these tools to skim over painful areas of soft tissue to detect injuries and then treat them. Employing cross-friction scraping/massage and working across the scar tissue grain, we are able to break up its fibers. This causes temporary inflammation, which introduces more blood to the area and promotes healing. We will follow the kinetic chain until we’ve eliminated the source of your pain.

What Can We Treat with Graston Technique®?

Graston Technique® enables us to break down scar tissue and release fascia restrictions that may have occurred as a result of soft tissue trauma, such as a pulled tendon, ligament or fascia, or strained muscle. This creates an environment better suited to soft tissue healing and typically provides patients with an increased range of motion and reduction in discomfort after just one session.

Issues we successfully treat using Graston Technique® include:

  Lower Back Pain
  Neck Pain
  Painful Scarring
  Plantar Fasciitis
  Pain from Fractures
  Muscle Strains
  Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  Trigger Finger
  Tennis Elbow
  So Much More

Say Goodbye to Your Pain

Soft tissue discomfort can run from mildly frustrating to debilitating. But you don’t have to live with ongoing pain from an issue with your soft-tissue. Dr. Collin DeWitt would love to introduce you to Graston Technique® to reduce your pain and increase your range of motion. Call us today for more information!

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