Healing Neck Pain for Sioux Falls Patients

Your Neck Has a Big Job to Do

Kinesio Care Center treats neck pain in our Sioux Falls clinic. Left untreated, neck pain can leave you flat on your back, unable to work or even take care of your day-to-day needs. Your neck is what we call the cervical spine, and it begins at the base of your skull. The human head typically weighs about 12 pounds, and the seven small vertebrae of the cervical spine provide the entirety of its support. While that support is nothing short of amazing in what it allows you to do with your head, including turning it almost every direction, this flexibility also makes the neck vulnerable to injury. Prolonged sitting, an accident, or age all contribute to neck pain.

Existing Patients

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You Don’t Have to Live with Neck Pain Anymore

If you are experiencing neck pain, we encourage you to make an appointment at our clinic with Dr. Collin DeWitt. We’ll take the time to fully understand your symptoms and will perform an exam to pinpoint the root cause of your neck pain. Some things you will want to think about before your appointment include:

  When the pain started and what you were doing.
  Does the pain move to other areas of your body?
  Which actions lessen the discomfort and which actions increase the pain?
  Have you seen another doctor about your neck pain? If so, what treatment did they try?
  What are you currently doing to deal with the pain?

Chiropractic Neck Adjustments

Once we’ve determined the source of your neck pain, we’ll do what’s commonly referred to as an “adjustment.” This can be done by hand using quick, precise movements, or it can be done using an activator, a small tool designed to deliver an adjustment without any quick movements. Either technique can be applied to the neck joints in order to restore motion to the joint. Our clients typically experience greater range of motion and decreased pain and stiffness after one adjustment, and further improvements as treatment progresses.

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