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Rock Tape is Changing Lives!

Kinesio Care Center is proud to specialize in Rock Tape therapy in our Sioux Falls clinic. Rock Tape is the standard in kinesiology tape and provides a non-invasive form of therapy to help treat inflamed or injured muscles and fascia. Widely used in the athletic world, Rock Tape closely imitates human skin, making it extremely effective in addressing pain in everyday people as well. When applied correctly, Rock Tape decompresses the affected area by providing minimal lifting of the skin and fascia, which improves blood flow and increases lymph fluid circulation. Better circulation helps remove waste and toxins, and it speeds up healing. Rock Tape can also be applied in order to delay lactic acid buildup, which improves athletic performance and helps avoid future injuries.

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Rock Tape on The Body Calms the Brain

Rock Tape interrupts the pain messages your body sends to your brain, much the same way rubbing a bumped shin seems to make the discomfort disappear. Rock Tape stimulates your nerve endings, which changes the signal the brain is getting, so you no longer focus on the pain. This reduces stress and allows your body to heal quicker.

How Can Rock Tape Help You?

Rock Tape’s adhesive provides a strong bond which is both hypoallergenic and latex-free, yet the product is extremely pliable. When correctly applied, Rock Tape can help you heal, enhance athletic performance, and make everyday life manageable. While it’s great for sporting injuries and enhanced performance, we also use it for more common issues such as:

  Shoulder/Wrist Pain
  Back Pain
  Hip Pain
  Pulled Hamstring

  Shin Splints
  Knee Pain
  Plantar Fasciitis
  Swelling & Edema
  Discomfort Due to Pregnancy
  So Much More

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