For centuries, massage has been an important part of treatment and a mainstay of wellness for the human body. While there are many different types of massage that aid in the common goal of healing, each of the technique has its own purpose. Here are the types of massages, and how/why they are used. (Once you’re familiar with them, call our office to schedule your massage and enjoy an extra 25% off all massages booked in May.)

Therapeutic massage uses heavier pressure to improve muscle tonicity and muscle recovery and can be used as treatment for musculoskeletal pain. Massage therapists sometimes refer to this as a “Sports” or “Deep Tissue” massage.

Swedish, or Relaxation, massage uses lighter pressure to decrease tension and anxiety while emphasizing relaxation and rejuvenation.

Shiatsu massage is aimed at promoting energy flow, known as ‘Ki’ or ‘Qi’ (chee). In Japanese, the word ‘shiatsu’ translates to “finger pressure.”

Percussion massage is becoming a more common type of massage that uses striking or vibration to promote muscle relaxation. Many massage-gun products, such as the Theragun or Hypervolt, allow users to to deliver the rapid pulses easily to the affected areas.

Hot Stone Massage uses heated stones applied in certain areas to penetrate the body and relieve muscle and joint pain. Common places to place stones are the spine, stomach, chest, palms, and feet. This type of massage is incredibly helpful to those who suffer from joint pain such as those with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Head/Scalp massage is especially useful to those who need relief from headaches and stress. It can also boost hair growth in 70% of people.

Pregnancy Massage is for those who are pregnant. Care is taken to protect the baby so typically a pregnancy pillow is provided or the patient lays on their side for safety.

Reiki or Healing Touch is a type of massage that uses a small amount of trigger point therapy that results in pain and anxiety reduction as well as some other less researched benefits.

Because of the incredible benefits of massage, it is an integral pillar of wellness or a treatment plan. There are many different types of massage that each promote wellness through different techniques. Experience the benefits of massage for yourself and call Kinesio Care Center to schedule!